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Powerpuff Yourself (or Demi)

Hello Lovatics,

Demi as a Power Puff Girl.PNG

This weeks assignment is to Powerpuff yoursel, which I decided to not do and Powerpuff Demi Lovato instead. When Cartoon Network first released this application to Powerpuff yourself literally everyone and their mother did it. Everyone was very excited to put themselves into a cartoon show most of us watched when we were growing up. It was really cool to see in the beginning, but the more posts I saw about it, the less cool I thought it was. I even made my own rowdy ruff boy (the opposite of a powerpuff girl) but ultimately decided not to share it because so many people already had. Now coming back to this application after time has passed and it is not as popular, I feel like I can give it a fair evaluation.

The whole process was super easy. It gives you a bunch of different options for customization like style and color options for the hair, eyes, clothes, and facial expressions. I tried to re create Demi’s look from the Confident era, which I think I did a pretty good job of. This is what her look mainly embodied in this era as seen in this paparazzi picture.


The powerpuff yourself I created for her is pretty similar to this look, and I did not even have to look at this picture to do it! Let me know if you guys enjoyed my powerpuff yourself of Demi!



One thought on “Powerpuff Yourself (or Demi)

  1. Wow! Your Powerpuff looks exactly like Demi in that picture, you may have a talent for Powerpuff-ifying people. It’s really creative of you to choose to Powerpuff Demi instead of yourself, but I hope you can post a picture of your personal Powerpuff!


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