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Managing Your Digital Media Landscape Part II

Hello Lovatics!

Well I am back here again to high key engage in being thirsty. If you missed my last blog post about managing your digital media landscape you can view it here. An online blog’s success is mainly measured through how many views and comments it gets, so I need your help! Lovatics are a very loyal and active fan base and I know they would love the content I am posting here, but they have not seen it yet. Twitter is Lovatics’ and Demi’s favorite form of social media, which is where I want you all to share this blog. There are so many fan accounts on there, a lot of which Demi interacts with occasionally. If they start to see my blog and interact with it, my views will be so much larger than what they are. What I need you to do is find your favorite blog post I wrote, go to your tiwtter account, and tweet the link with the hash tag “DemiLovato” so other Lovatics will see it. Make sure your account is on public too so people who do not follow you can see it! Once Lovatics start to see my content I am sure they are going to love it, so please help me out 🙂


One thought on “Managing Your Digital Media Landscape Part II

  1. Hi Kyle! I totally agree that the blog’s popularity depends on views and comments, but also if a lot of people are liking your posts it may become promoted! I think if you put this blog on your twitter, since so many Lovatics follow you, it may excel your rise to fame. I’ll be sure to share this on all my social media platforms!

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