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Fit in or stand out?

Hello Lovatics!

One of the reasons I love Demi so much is that she is never afraid to speak her mind and stand out, even when it gets her into trouble. In an industry where there are many amazing female pop singers, it is so important that Demi stands out so she does not get lost in the crowd. I have been trying to do the same with my blog here each week. There are so many Demi fan blogs, even ones that her team runs for her, which makes it even more difficult to put out content that does not copy something that already exists. The way I accomplish this on my blog is relating current Demi topics to personal experiences I have had with them. One of my favorite posts on my blog is the one where I write about the time I was on television for Demi (you can read it here if you missed it) because it takes a Demi event and makes it more personal. A lot of different media outlets covered Demi receiving the award, but kept it more informational. My post combines relevant information and makes it personal to my unique experience. That is what my blog adds to the conversation, unique experiences that still inform visitors of what is going on in Demi’s life.


3 thoughts on “Fit in or stand out?

  1. Demi does a very good of standing out – not just with her amazing voice and talent, but by being one step ahead of everyone in her thinking. She has being a leader in the pop world for being body positive and urging others to learn about mental health. If I’m not mistaken, she even does no makeup Mondays. You succeed in your blog by connecting your personal experiences to things Demi does, and I think that makes your blog unique, because no one can take that from you!


  2. I like how you relate your Demi content to your own life experiences, that definitely offers a fresh take on material that makes your blog stand out from other fan sites! I think it’s awesome how you emulate your idol and aren’t afraid to stand out in your blog, that definitely makes it more strong thematically.


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