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Fair Use

Hello Lovativs!

This week the topic is all about fair use. Since Demi is a singer, copyright issues with her music come up all the time. She even has been sued for copyright infringement (see the article here) over allegedly stealing the beat from a small indie band for her song stars. I found this picture of Demi performing on her Neon Lights tour from the Creative Commons Search Engine.


The picture was taken by jenniferlinneaphotography at Demi’s performance at the Pepsi center in Colorado. I am using this picture since I went to Neon Lights tour at the Izod center (RIP) and want to share the experience with all of you. The way I am presenting this picture is in compliance with fair use. The purpose of the picture it is not being used for commercial profit or not crediting the creator of this image but rather to comment on the picture. The nature of the picture is published work and non-fiction. The amount of the work used from the pictures taken is only one of many Jennifer took at the concert. This picture was acquired legally through the Creative Commons Search engine. Since all these conditions have been met, using this picture on my blog falls under fair use.


2 thoughts on “Fair Use

  1. I think you made good use of this picture. It is relevant to your experience and blog, and it was not used in an excessive way. I also like that you point out that even celebrities aren’t immune to copyright issues.


  2. You chose a beautiful picture of Demi. I think it’s a good move on your part to show how you are compliant with fair use. That’s crazy that Demi was sued, though!


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