Poot Lovato

Hello Lovatics!

This weeks post is about a topic that I was hoping to never address on this blog, but alas I would be doing everyone a disservice by not addressing it due to this weeks topic which is memes. If you are familiar with Demi Lovato you probably already know the meme I’m talking about due to the title, but if not, I’m talking about Demi Lovato’s fake twin sister Poot Lovato.

pootThis is “Poot Lovato.” The photo is from when Demi performed at the 2014 Royal Variety show, this was her walking on the red carpet. The photo was taken from an unknown photographer and then edited to look worse. The meme is that Poot is Demi’s twin sister that she locked in a basement for her entire life. This is Poot’s first time being let out of the basement her entire life. The meme spread like crazy in 2015 and so many different news outlets picked it up as well as internet users making up their own back story on Poot’s origin. If you don’t remember this event happening, Demi was pissed.

Demi pissed.png

Now my personal philosophy is to get in on the joke everyone is making about you to show it doesn’t bother you and to ensure it dies quicker, but I get Demi’s response. She has struggled with body issues her whole life and had to go to rehab for it, so a joke about her personal image hits home a lot harder than it would for most of us. It was also frustrating for her since she just put out her fifth studio album and started her own record label, but everyone was talking about a picture of her from a bad angle.

Fortunately, the meme died as quickly as it became popular.

RIP Poot Lovato you will not be missed.


2 thoughts on “Poot Lovato

  1. Interesting post! Meme’s seemed to have the purpose of entertainment, but in some circumstances entertainment may result in hurting others. In this situation, a meme that was intended to poke fun at Demi Lavto spread viral and of course affected Demi. I do not like meme’s for this reason,but otherwise they can be rather funny.


  2. I thought the Poot meme was lowkey funny, but I understood why Demi was upset. Her entire life is in the limelight so for a really ugly picture of her to be the thing that goes around probably didn’t make her feel great. I think now, she probably jokes about it more often since it’s died down.


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