Managing Your Digital Media Landscape

Hello Lovatics!

This week I’m going to be high key engaging in being thirsty and asking you all to share my blog. I always tell my friends that “managing your digital media landscape” is so important to your online presence. Having social media accounts that are updated and look good help to make yourself stand out. Twitter is arguably Demi Lovato’s favorite social media and definitely mine. Usually articles and blogs are shared more on FaceBook rather than Twitter, but the stan (stalker fan) audience this blog is aiming to attract is largely on Twitter. So many fan accounts have been created that are solely dedicated to Demi Lovato and by getting those accounts to become interested in this blog, it will help share it so well. Stans consume as much content as they can about their idol and this blog has that content they want, but they don’t know about it. So what I need all of you to do is pick your favorite blog that I have posted, share it to your twitter followers, and tag @ddlovato as well as hash tag #ddlovato and the fans will do the rest. By tagging Demi’s account and hastagging her username stans will be able to find it very easily. A lot of these users are constantly scanning the tags and hashtags for Demi to find anything they might not already know about.

Also, if you want to find me on Twitter or any social media platform my username is @Panquee4466 I keep the username consistent on all platforms so it is easy to find me!




4 thoughts on “Managing Your Digital Media Landscape

  1. I think it’s a great idea to tag Demi in tweets so that there is a better chance of people seeing your blog posts! A lot of fan accounts probably scan through the tag daily, and if they see it, they can also promote you!


  2. I like your point about have your social media accounts look their best because I also kind of look at my social media as my “personal brand” and I care about how I portray myself online.


  3. Tagging Demi in your tweets is such a good idea since people probably search anything that contains her name. I hope she’ll see this blog and follow you. The tags help a lot as well, and I think I can use that to help my blog gain some popularity.


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