That Time I Was on TV for Demi


Hey Lovatics!

This is a story I have been dying to write a blog post about so I am so glad the opportunity is finally here.

Last year Demi Lovato was being honored at the GLAAD awards on logo TV with the Vangaurd award for her excellence in the LGBTQ community. Viacom (the owners of Logo TV) sent out a casting via a company I liked on FaceBook that is in charge of getting live studio audiences for different specials on the various different networks. I sent the company an email, like I’ve done many times before for different specials, a little bit about me and how Demi has helped me embrace my sexuality. I was shocked to get a call the next day saying they wanted me to come into NYC and film for the special! The very next day I went into NYC to the Viacom offices to meet with the crew filming the special. Now at this point I had no idea what specifically I was filming for or where it was actually being aired and my mind was going WILD with all the possibilities. They put me in a green room with Fiji water and these other fancy snacks until they were ready for me. The nicest intern and the marketing manager for the GLAAD awards came in, made me sign a waiver, and then told me that we were filming the intro to Demi’s award and a couple fans were going to be featured as well as a bunch of celebrities. My immediate reaction to them was “oh cool lets do this” but on the inside I was FREAKING OUT. I now realized that I was going to be talking about how I was gay on NATIONAL TV. WHAT. My close family and friends knew at this point, but  there were so many people I hadn’t come out to yet. At this point it was too late to back out so I was gonna rock it and deal with it later.

The interview was basically just a conversation between me and a friend. The crew was so nice and the questions they asked really inspired the best possible answers I could have given. I had a whole 45min block to conduct the interview and it only took 15mins because I did everything in one take. The director said he rarely has anyone do it that well, even some actors he works with, so thanks for the ego boost too Logo!!! *flips hair* They told me the awards were airing on April 4th and to watch the show to see if I made it. The night of the show I was at my friends house watching the show and anxiously waiting to see Demi’s award be announced so I could watch myself. Nick Jonas came on stage and said some nice things about Demi before introducing the clip. My stomach was a mess waiting to see if I made the cut. About a minute into the video I saw myself come on screen and I screamed so loud with excitement it was nauseating to anyone listening. I made it on tv and it was for Demi Lovato! I was so happy! All my friends and family I made watch it called/texted me congratulating me and saying how proud of me they were for being so brave. I got to be in the same video as celebrities like Lionel Richie, Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez and so many others, it was so cool (and still is so cool).

You can watch my segment of the video here: Demi Lovato but if you wanna watch the whole thing I definitely would.

After this premiered I can definitely say I am so glad I did this. It was such an honor to be a part of and I’m so GLAAD (lol puns) I have a role model who inspires me to be ME.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts!!!!



5 thoughts on “That Time I Was on TV for Demi

  1. I remember when this happened I was so happy you were able to be on TV for your bae!!! It’s such an amazing opportunity, and you also gave really good advice to youth who may be struggling with who they are, but seeing someone as strong as you gives them hope. 🙂


  2. Hi Kyle, I really enjoyed reading about your experience going on television for an artist who you love and support. It is so cool and brave that you were able to go on tv and just be honest about yourself and your feelings for Demi’s music!


  3. This is so cool! I enjoyed reading your story and you kept me wanting to hear more. Great job! As a side note I think your blog is turning out very nice and the design is perfect.


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