Hello Lovatics!

I had MUCH more success with these weeks blog post and it was so much fun. I screen casted demilovato.com to show all of you a basic overview of the site. Click on the link here to watch: http://www.screencast.com/t/fJxMzr9jdkxc

The microphone volume was very intense which is probably due to the fact I am a very loud speaker. This was actually my third take of the tutorial to try and get the microphone to sound better by talking softer, so this is the best I can do (sorry). Other than me talking at a volume people consider screaming, this was a very straight forward process. Jing is an extremely easy software to use so I had no problems screen casting.

I had an internship at Verizon Wireless and we screen casted presentations all the time using different software like WebEx and GoToMeeting. We had to sign in on our laptops using a link and then the software would call our work phone so we could converse with people not working in our office. In almost every meeting I was on there was someone screen casting so we could see a presentation or look at a document they wanted to walk us through. A couple times it was my responsibility to screen cast so I learned a couple tricks on how to do it correctly. The skill of knowing how to effectively screen cast is definitely something extremely important when presenting in a professional setting and in every day life. There have been a couple times where I sent my grandma tutorials on how to do something on her computer so she could see the process and mimic what I did.

If we had this project before the commercial one I would have had someone screen cast their process and show it to me so I could have more success!

I hope you enjoyed my post and the video, let me know what you thought!


2 thoughts on “Screencast

  1. Hi Kyle!
    It was probably really useful that you already kind of knew how to screencast. Your voice is pretty loud on the screencast but that’s just who you are as a person so you’re perfect. This is all perfect.


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