Attempted Commercial

Hey Lovatics!

I wish I had a success story for you this week but unfortunately, I do not. This week I tried to create a commercial for my blog by layering audio and I failed miserably. I tried using garage band, audacity, and even took a jab at iMovie but it just is not working at all. I cannot for the life of me figure this out and I have watched so many tutorials on how to do it but still I have to separate audio files that are not meshing together. I have made plenty of commercial type videos but for some reason I just cannot do only an audio file. I tried doing it yesterday and decided to take a break and come back to it, but that clearly did not work and I am still commercial-less for my blog. Here is the link for the commercial without the music :https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0N-9AHQsTJ1VnNjTVlYWWEwVUU/view?usp=sharing

I had so much fun recording the commercial and I had such a great idea for the music in the background, but I just cannot get the two to be friends and be together in one cohesive file. If anyone has some helpful hints for someone who is clearly terrible at this please let me know because I am very sad and really wanted this to be amazing. However, if part of an assignment one week to to make a video commercial your home boy will be all over that and it will be AMAZING. I am so good at making videos and adding great effects, just cannot for the life of me do audio files, which I guess being a sound mixer as a career is definitely off the table. If I can fix this I’ll update the page but until then, listen to my no music commercial and let me know if you liked it!

I’ll be back next week so make sure to come back!




2 thoughts on “Attempted Commercial

  1. Hi Kyle,
    Even though things didn’t go as planned for your commercial, the fact that you still managed to put something together definitely shows your effort! I like that your intro touches all the key points of your blog and what your blog is about. All you need is the background music to finish it off. Continue to keep up the good work!



  2. Hey it’s okay to not completely succeed, at least you got something! It could’ve been worse by not posting anything at all, but it’s great that you didn’t give up and did so! I encourage you to keep trying and hopefully get it down at one point. There’s a first time for everything!


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