New Header & New Theme

Hey lovatics!

My blog site has just gone through some massive renovations and I hope all of like the changes. I added some more pictures to the homepage and a brand new header! I used this photo editing software called GIMP 2 to take two of my favorite recent pictures of Demi to be displayed throughout the site. The one on the left is some album artwork for her single “Cool for the summer” and the right picture is a promotional picture for her Future Now Tour she went on with Nick Jonas this past summer. Once I uploaded my header I realized my theme I had chosen was not the best fit for my blog aesthetically so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this current theme. I think it definitely fits the blog better but let me know if you think otherwise, I am always open to suggestions.

I also hope you all like the new header because it was NOT easy at all. I am a pretty tech-savvy person but it took me way longer to crop two pictures together than I thought it would. I looked up a couple different tutorials on how to mash two pictures together using the software GIMP 2 and after several muffled screams I figured it out. However, the end result looks really good aesthetically for my blog and it will be SO much easier next time I need to edit photos.

I am always up for leaning how to use a new photo editing application because I take pride in my Instagram pictures looking amazing. My friends now send me their picture they want to post and have me edit them for their Instagram page. The desktop applications have more functions and options so I am eager to learn how to use this desktop photo editing software to make my pictures look even better.

Make sure to tell me what you like and did not like about my blog and my new header and theme!


7 thoughts on “New Header & New Theme

  1. I think the two images you chose for your header mash together really well! I feel like it really captures the kind of vibe you want your blog to have. The image is bright and the background is dark so It works really well over all with your theme.


  2. Hey Kyle,

    Your header is a simple and clean mashup! It feels like it belongs in the blog, and it’s not out of place. However, I do think you could have adjusted the colors so that it looked more like one image instead of two.


  3. I like how the images you chose are both on the darker side. It looks cohesive and if you were able to blur the middle line since the images have the same dark background it could add to your header. Great job though!


  4. Your header seriously turned out great. How did you get it to be such good quality?? Mine is so blurry. I like the overall clean and high-quality look of your blog, you’re doing such a great job! All the hard work you put into it was definitely worth it.


  5. Your header looks great, and it is definitely fitting for the site you have. Demi Lovato is definitely easy to look at in those photos


  6. I really like the header you have and the two pictures you used. I feel like the two images have a similar vibe yet do it in different ways. One image shows off her body while the other shows off her gaze, but both have the sexy vibe. Although I think it would’ve been even better if they had a transition in the middle where it didn’t make the header seem like it was two separate images.


  7. Hi Kyle! I really love the pictures you used. The black in both of them brings the two pictures together cohesively. It took me a while to figure out, but I think if you smudged the line in the middle a little bit, it wouldn’t look so much like two separate images, but instead like one picture. Overall, I think the two pictures work well together.


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