Demi Lovato

Hello friends and some fellow Lovatics,

I’m so excited to be starting this blog about one my favorite things in life, Demi Lovato. I’ll be putting up posts about everything Demi, from the beginning to present day. I’m making this blog to talk about some experiences I’ve had with Demi (yes I met her!!! four times to be exact) and too update everyone about all the cool things she is doing or has done.

I’m still learning how to set up this blog to make it fire so please excuse any theme issues since I’m still working on them. Word Press has been fairly easy to use but I’m annoying and need more detailed instructions because I hate processing things on my own. The more I use this site, the more familiar I’ll become with all the functions I can use (and hopefully get better at them).

BUT, since I can do pictures fairly easily enjoy these two beautiful pictures of Demi at the Global Citizens festival in New York City that I got from the Demi Lovato News account on Twitter (@justcatchmedemi).

Can’t wait to put more blogs on here so stay tuned!!!!


5 thoughts on “Demi Lovato

  1. Hey Kyle,

    I love your blog man! I’m actually a closet Demi Lovato fan lol. With regards to the article I really liked how simple your blog is. Like Bobwp stated , “make it easy to read with clean simple fonts”. That’s exactly what you did and it looks wonderful. Maybe one thing you could work on is making an about you page.



  2. Hi Kyle,
    I like that your blog is about Demi Lovato. By the way, can I say how awesome it is that you got to meet her FOUR TIMES!!?? She is truly an inspiration to people around the world being that she has gone through so much in her life. I definitely see your blog relating to Dunn’s article where you have certain links to make it easy to navigate your website. I am looking forward to seeing more about Demi. She has definitely made on impact on young individuals.


  3. Hi Kyle!

    I’m really excited to read your blog about Demi. She’s a very inspirational person and I’ve actually seen her open up for the holy trinity of the Jonas Brothers. The only suggestion I have for your otherwise perfect blog is to clean up what Bob calls the “Garage”, which is your widgets. Once you figure out how to work wordpress it gets a lot easier!
    XOXO Sophie


  4. Hey Kyle!
    I’m not very big on Demi Lovato but I can definitely appreciate her and her music! I find it very easy to navigate through your website which relates well to the Dunn article. One thing I think you can work on is a page about you since some people might want to know about the person who created the website!


  5. Hey Kyle, I really like how dedicated you are to Demi Lovato! I love the theme you have selected as well as your background, it definitely gives the blog an edgy yet fair feel just like Lovato! One thing I think would be better is if you had more images of Lovato to really grab fellow fans attention!


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